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Long-Term Solar Benefits

 Our solar farms are built to generate clean energy for decades to come.  Long, generous lease terms mean our landowner partners can rely on their land to be a source of healthy passive income well into the future.

Solar Farm Developers You Can Trust


CanWest Solar is a local solar project developer. One of the most important ways to attain a successful project is to understand the importance of the landowners with whom we negotiate our land lease agreements.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  We work with landowners, community members, investors and project developers all across the Country to build solar farms that deliver clean power to the grid. We are committed to utility-scale solar farm projects, because we believe this is the best way to get clean renewable energy to the largest number of people.

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We strive to be in constant communication with our customers until the job is done. Please call us for any questions about converting your vacant land to solar. 

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